How can Write With Harte Help You?

Write with Harte Feedback Form 2022

Write with Harte membership is growing and so it’s time for me to ask you for feedback. Filling out this form will help me understand what you need and how I can better help you.

Thank you for taking the time to let me know how I can help you write, publish, and/or market your romance.

What is your biggest challenge with your romance right now?
How can WWH help you in your romance writing goals?
Do you attend the weekly call?
If you don't attend the call, why not?

What would be a better time for you to attend a call?
Do you use site resources and features?
Do you read the weekly email?
Would you be more likely to use WWH if it had a mobile app?
If you have other feedback, comments, or information that can help WWH help you, share it here.

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