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While growing up, Louise Bergin was the girl with her head buried in a book. She wanted to live the adventures she found between the covers—especially the promise of happily ever after at the end. In college, she learned to fence in case some day she wrote a historical novel. She also studied accounting as her back-up career. When her hero appeared, he was an Air Force officer, with whom she had three children and the life she’d longed for. She finds the time to write because the military movers taught her that you really only have to clean your house once every three years.

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Two Hearts, One Goal

Winning the Game on the Field — and in the Heart
Marianne Everette, a recent widow, worries about her seven-year-old son who gets in trouble at his new school — a lot.  Out of desperation, she puts him on a youth soccer team, hoping he’ll learn discipline and self-control.  When she’s thrust into the role of team mom, she wonders what could go wrong. It’s all just played for fun, right?

When Tony Romero’s family volunteered him to be the coach of a boys’ soccer team, it was the last straw in their expectations he would rescue them from all their difficulties. He has no time to babysit unruly boys; he’s focused on achieving success as a financial planner. But if you’re going to play, play to win.

Can two reluctant hearts work together to create a winning season?