Just in time for National Novel Writing Month...Write with Harte Presents

 Preptober & Writevember Romance Challenge

Are you ready to finally follow through on your goal to write a romance?

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How does the challenge work?


Daily emails during Preptober (October) to help you plan your romance and in Writevember (November) to help you write it.


Weekly video chats to provide planning tips, answer questions, and motivate you to succeed. 


Join the private writing challenge group at Write with Harte, a free online community for romance writers.


Hi! I'm Jenna Harte, a romance author and ghostwriter for a best-selling author.

Over the last nearly 5 years, I've written 67 books for my clients alone. That's over a book a month and doesn't include my own novels.

My client keeps coming back to me because my romances are filled with characters readers root for, an emotional roller coaster ride readers want to experience, and the sweet happily ever after hopeless romantics crave. 

"...your story telling ability is awe-inspiring. My readers fall in love with the characters you create..."

In the Preptober and Writevember Challenge, I'll give you the tips and tricks I use to write 50,000 to 80,000 word books in three weeks or less...without experiencing writer's block! It's not hard...when you have a plan and a few tricks up your sleeve. In this challenge, I'll share all my tools and hacks to plan your book in October, and write it in November.