Jenna HarteWelcome to Write with Harte

I’m Jenna and I’m a die-hard romantic who loves meet-cutes, heartbreaking black moments, and swoonworhthy grand gestures. I’ve written over ten romances under my name, and over 36 for my ghostwriting clients.

I started Write with Harte with the goal of helping would-be romance authors with the craft and business of romance writing. But I don’t know it all, so I wanted to build a community of romance writers where we could share tips and resources, offer support and encouragement, and when necessary, commiserate!


Write With Harte Challenge

How Write With Harte Can Help Your Romance Writing

  • Watch Write with Harte videos that cover a variety of craft, publishing, and marketing tips. Or listen to the Write with Harte Podcast for the same great information.
  • Join Write with Harte groups that discuss topics of interest to you or start your own if you don’t see a topic you’re interested in talking about. This is a great place to ask questions, get resources, swap promos, and support others.
  • Sign up for Write with Harte courses and challenges to expand your knowledge in writing, publishing, and marketing romance fiction

Now and Forever

My goal is to make Write with Harte the place for romance writers to get the information and support to write and publish romances. Right now, Write with Harte offers:

  • Personal profiles to share your romance writing success stories, challenges, factoids, and whatever else you’d like to share.
  • Groups to connect with other writers to talk about romance writing, publishing, and marketing!
  • Write with Hare Videocast and Podcast, where each week we talk about some aspect of writing romance fiction
  • Courses related to writing, publishing, or marketing romance.
Write Your Book FASTER! How to Write Up to 5k Words Per Hour

Future Plans

There is so much I want to add to the community including:

  • Romance Writer Mastermind nights where community members can meet virtually for goal setting, accountablity, and more.
  • Romance Critique Group, where writers can have their current WIPs critiqued by participating members.
  • Swoon-con, a romance convention for readers to come and engage with their favorite authors (THAT’S YOU!.
  • Service Marketplace: A resource to find editors, book cover designers and more for your books OR if you offer services to romance authors, a place to post your services to romance authors.


Be sure to check out the community guidelines and Terms and Conditions!