Writing Tools

  • Scrivener – You can find free romance templates for Scrinver at Gwen Hayes or Jami Gold’s websites.
  • Jot from Boogie Board– An Etch A Sketch for note-taking and will send notes to an app.
  • Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking: I’ve doubled my output and spend less time at my desk by getting the Professional Individual version where I can digitally record and the software transcribes the recording. It’s expensive, but for me, it’s well worth it for the increase in output and a decrease in time spent writing. (Get rewards using Swagbucks or Rakutan)
  • Digital recorder: You can use your phone, but I like to use my phone to refer to my plot, so I use a small Sony Recorder that has the USB plug built in. I record and then plug the recorder into my laptop.

Romance Resource Books

Phrasing Books

Writers Helping Writers Series

You can get all 8 books together on Kindle here.

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