Holiday Gifts for Romance Writers

holiday gifts for romance writers

Do you have a romance writer in your life and are stuck on what to give them? Perhaps you are a romance writer and need ideas for what others can get you for the holidays. Here is a list of holiday gift ideas for romance writers.


Before you start shopping, be sure to sign up for Swagbucks and/or Rakuten. So many online retailers earn you points through these programs that you can use for cash back or giftcards. I let my points ride until this time of year, when I use them to buy gifts or get giftcards for gifts.



These Jane Austen gloves are perfect for cold writing rooms.

Keep your hands warm and fingers free with Writing Gloves from Storiarts.

These beautiful statement pieces are hand-made from cut to finish and feature text from great literature.

  • 100% super soft cotton jersey knit
  • Fingerless design keeps hands warm and working
  • Heat-set ink won’t wash out or fade for lasting beauty
  • Handmade locally in Portland, Oregon from U.S.-sourced fabric


Cute writer wall art

This canvas art print is a great gift choice or pick it up for yourself.  Size – 12X15 inches. Framed. Ready to Hang.




 Literary Insults Gift Poster

The writer in your life will get a kick out of this unique and memorable gift of literary insults from Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twaine, Jane Austen and more. 




Caskers Writers Tears WhiskeyCaskers Tears of Writers Whiskey 

From the website: A gold Medal winner at the International Spirits Challenge in London and one of the highest rated Irish Whiskeys in Jim Murrays Iconic “Whiskey Bible.” It was also featured in Ian Buxton’s publication “101 Whiskeys to try before you die.”






Writers Block Mug



Support the writer in your life with this fun Writer’s Block mug from Write with Harte.

The Writer’s Block graphic can also be purchased on a tote or t-shirt.

See more romance writing merch from Write with Harte here







Help get the romance author in your life organized. This Author’s Novel Organizer workbook helps authors from story idea, through plotting, writing, publishing, and marketing.




Many authors have a tendency to use the same body movements over and over (narrowing eyes, arched brow).  Body Beats to Build On helps provide alternatives to the same old body movements.




Similar to Body Beats, The Writer’s Body Lexicon offers more ideas on body expressions but more.





Today’s author needs to build a fan base of readers to achieve success book after book. While Superfans is geared toward the traditional online creator (bloggers, Youtubers, etc), the information fits well with today’s authors as well.





Being an author has a ton of moving parts. Story research and plotting. Publishing options. Marketing options. Then there are all the bits to organize in life; articles to save, lists to organize, and more. In Building a Second Brain, Forte provides help in creating a resource (a second brain) to store it all that is accessible and therefore usable.



Author Tools

Dictation has changed my life! I average over 3000 words a day dictating 30 to 40 minutes. This version of Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional not only allows you to dictate at your desk, but you can digitally record (like on a walk) and have the software transcribe your words for you. This is the version I use.





This is the recorder I use when I dictate. Authors can use their phone, but I like this Sony Digital Recorder better as it’s easier to pause and record, and it has a USB port built in for easy audio file transfer.



While Canva has a free option, the paid version offers a ton of extra bells and whistles to help an author. With Canva, authors can create social media graphics to promote their books, email lists, events and more. They can create book covers and book trailers (videos). Romance authors can great pretty freebies such as book order lists, series lists, and more.

Here are a few benefits to the pro-Canva Plan:

  • 100+ Million premium images, photos, videos, audio graphics, etc
  • Hundreds of thousands premium templates
  • Branding Kit – Set your colors, fonts, etc for easy use
  • Folders for Organizing – You can organize from book series, pen name, etc
  • One click resize – Make a design and with a click, resize it for any and all social media or other types of media
  • Remove backgrounds from images – this is great for marketing and cover designs
  • Social Media scheduling on 8 platforms
  • Allow PA or other virtual support access
  • 1 TB of cloud storage
  • 24/7 Customer support

Learn more about Canva Pro here


ProWritingAid will not only help the writer in your life find grammar and spelling errors, but also it can help them improve the quality of  writing. It finds passive voice, highlights when too many sentences in a row start with the same word, offers suggestions for better word choices, and more.

For authors looking to get an agent and traditional publisher, using this software will help their manuscript stand out by sending the tightest, cleanest submission possible, short of hiring an editor. If they’re an indie author, this software can clean up the manuscript, which makes it easier for the editor hired to edit the book.

Learn more about ProWritingAid

Social Bee

Social Bee doesn’t seem to be as well-known as other social media tools such as Hootsuite, but I love this tool and recommend it whenever I can. Social Bee does more than just allow you to schedule social media posts. With the Canva integration, you can create your sharable graphic from within Social Bee. Plus it works with all the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest), including the ability to schedule Reels and TikToks!

My favorite feature is the reschedule option that will automatically repost a post forever or you can set a number of times it will post or an expiration date. The automatic repost forever is ideal for evergreen content, such as sharing newsletter sign up. The time limited option is ideal for special sales or event promotioins. Authors can organize post types by categories (e.g. promotion, blog post, etc) and set up a posting schedule, which again, used in conjunction with the reposting feature, means content is sent out regularly even if the author forgets or doesn’t have time to create a new post.

Learn more about Social Bee



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