Write with Harte End of Year Survey 2022

Write with Harte 2022 End of Year Survey
It’s that time of year where I assess what’s worked and what hasn’t in 2022 to help me plan for 2023. Write with Harte is a success only if it helps you in your writing goals. Your input into how WWH can help you is crucial for me to do that. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey and letting me know what you like, what you don’t like, and how I can improve WWH.

Write with Harte Survey End of Year 2022


What do you enjoy or find most useful at Write with Harte
What features are you NOT utilizing?
Which if the current features offered at WWH don’t you use?
If you’re not participating in one or more of the features of WWH, why not? Is there something I can change that would encourage you to use the features more?
Would you use any of the following features if they were added?
In 2023, I hope to add more content and activities to help you. Which of these features would you use?
Current authors or experts, would you use WWH to:
If you’re an author or expert in an area that helps romance authors, would you be willing to share your expertice through WWH, for compensation, of course?
Please share ideas you have that would make Write With Harte more helpful to you in your romance writing.
WWH will always have a free member option, but would you be interested in a paid option that offered more features (e.g. deep-dive webinars with experts, critique, publishing submission help, marketing plans, etc)?
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