Suzy England: From Wattpad to Published Author

Suzy England Wattpad Interview Write with Harte

Suzy England: From Wattpad to Published Author

Suzy and my writing careers started similarly, but we’ve had sightly different paths to publishing. In this interview, Suzy shares how she started writing, discovering Wattpad (and Wattpad discovering her), and now landing her third traditional publishing deal.



đź’—Wattpad: SuzyEngland

đź’—Instagram: suzyenglandwrites

đź’—Facebook: authorsuzyengland

The Weekend 
The Weekend Suzy England

Chasing Mr. Crown (Wattpad Paid)

Chasing Mr. Crown Suzy England


Perfect…coming soon

Perfect Suzy England

Wattpad Deep Dive Interiew with Suzy England

Following this interview, I talking to Suzy more about Wattpad and how authors could use it in their writing efforts. Write with Harte members can view the deep dive into Wattpad here.

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